One of the key point, is the relation between the structural construction of the blade and noise origin


structure de pale pour tour anti-gel


The first point has to design a structural blade with an high own frequency (flap, lag and torsion) in order to influence some noise parameter sources

 Using carbon fiber and epoxy resin, added by a spar to reduce shear stress between suction and pressure side, with an amortizing embedded foam which allowed this perfect comnbination.



The fiber placement with tipical angles, allowed a coupling flap and torsion resolving some ather noise parameters



Calcul FEM pale pour tour anti-gel
ergonomie de pale pour tour anti-gel

Complete automatised production


pale pour tour anti-gel

Constant research

We proceed at new development in relationship with aeronautic laboratory secialised in acoustic problem

New airfoil

Vibrating tip

Influence of material memory

Vibrating excitation